TED talk- gaming makes you a superior human being.


Are you the person who deleted the ladders?

As a person who knows next to nothing about gaming I don’t feel that I can add anything particularly insightful so early in the semester except perhaps sharing the limited experience I have so far…hopefully someone can point me in a better direction. My first gaming experience, if I remember correctly was Neopets- if that counts? No pets survived. And secondly, when I was given a Gameboy Colour in the late 90s. I became very quickly immersed in The Smurfs and the 101 Dalmatians game – which still remain incomplete over a decade later. Following that I slowly collected every expansion pack of The Sims 1. I created renditions of all my most beloved celebrities of the early 2000s and of course, myself – so I could virtually hang out with them and invite them to my pool parties. My only complaint about The Sims was the game’s requirement for you to clean up after yourself, collect the mail and go to work etc- why would anyone want to do that in a game. My Sims were very happy as long as I constantly cheated by deleting mess and added thousands of dollars to my account by using ‘rosebud;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!..’…obviously not taking advantage of the ‘infinite canvas’ at all. Sims 2 was far too complex and my PC was too slow. Now I just play Candy Crush all the time… Yep, I’m aware none of this is very impressive.


Be more responsible virtually


Never pay for Candy Crush


Does anyone know how to refurbish these?

In spite of being a huge gaming dummy, I think video games are really positive for your brain function, keeping your brain active is always a good idea in my book- ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it’ type of deal. I’m hoping that my Candy Crush obsession will keep my brain healthy far into my senior years. This was a hunch so I did some brief research. I found this great TED talk by Brain Scientist, Daphne Bavelier. She says that video games train our brains to be ‘smarter, better, faster, stronger’- a little bit like Kanye.

Did you know that gamers have better vision than non-gamers? Apparently so. The games ‘retrain your brain to see better’.

Also, if you’re a gamer, you are apparently better at multi-tasking because you can pay attention to double the amount of objects than a non-gamer can- making you a better and safer driver.

It also deals with distractibility and gaming, among other things.

Here is the link to the full talk. I’m all about the health, so I found this video really interesting in the way that it covers a lot of the benefits of gaming that most articles choose to ignore. As a newbie to all this I found this talk quite useful. Hopefully some others are in the same boat as me.


Related to this- here is a list of academics that study the overlap between psychology and videogames so you can start tweeting more!



6 thoughts on “TED talk- gaming makes you a superior human being.

  1. I think it’s fascinating the way that even someone who describes themselves as knowing next-to-nothing about gaming still has multiple entry points into different types of gaming! I think it shows just how pervasive gaming has become in our culture, that almost no engagement with it still involves engagement on multiple levels!


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