Is game addiction really a problem?

So a few days ago my parents came into my room and interrupted my millionth playthrough of Borderlands 2 to tell me that I was addicted to games. Now, I myself wouldn’t say that I am, I mean I know plenty of other people who play games more than I do, but what defines game addiction? How much of your life does gaming have to take up in order for you to have gone a little bit too far? You see so many news articles and questions people ask constantly trying to fix these addictions to gaming, but what if it really isn’t that much of a problem? What if instead of trying to fix it, we just let people enjoy the activities they like to do.

I know people whose lives revolve around Steam and the gaming community in whichever game they play, be it Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, you name it. I have joined some of them in all day marathon gaming but it shocks me to know that they do that sort of thing every single day. I’m able to understand the hype of it, but I can see that for people who just aren’t that into games it’s kind of a shocker to watch someone “waste” their life away doing it.

These people truly have made the game they play, their life. They completely immerse themselves within the game and the community, they know everyone that plays, and have developed friendships and cliques. I won’t lie, I was part of this whole thing once upon a time. But I have found it extremely prominent in one game in particular, Left 4 Dead 2. The regular pub community is great to play in, but once you leave that and start to join the pugs and scrims, things really turn to s***. You’re automatically judged and put into a category of whether you’re good at the game or whether the rest of them should laugh and ridicule you. I have even seen placement lists go up stating who is good, average and bad at the game. (Yeah I really wasn’t kidding >.< this was one of many)

From what I’ve noticed, most people only stick to one or two games and spend all of their time on that. I personally think it’s less likely for someone who has been playing a larger variety of games to really be considered a gaming addict. Now, those people who spend all of their time everyday playing one game could easily be called addicts. But I guess that for some people, fictional gaming communities are far better than real life. While most would see those 6000 hours as a waste of time, for some it’s just the way they wish to live, and I personally don’t see any problems with that 🙂

*Sorry about lack of pics and vids and other cool stuff :< I’ll try to be more interesting next time*


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