G . A . M . E . S

There use to be many games sites that I would play on… such as




Most of these websites have games that are simple like what we saw in the lecture.  But it seems like whenever I did play on these sites I play the usual games that my friends or brother have told me are ‘fun’.. I never seem to want to find out new games until I get very bored or cannot pass a level. And every time I go on the site, there are ads for new games, but they never seem to catch my eye. I remember that I would go on Miniclip to play Raft Wars. To be honest I don’t even understand why I found it fun. And I always win. Its one of those games which you win all the time plus it is super repetitive. Another game that I played was bubble struggle which you can still play on http://www.rebubbled.com/. It was the rage in our year level. As there are levels, it just doesn’t get boring. And many of my friends were just so competitive about what level they were on. And by the start of the next year there were just a few people playing as everyone finished all the levels.



I guess that now, that I’m a bit older now, I don’t find those games interesting or fun anymore.

Now when I’m bored I play Candy Crush. Even though there were so many more similar games to Candy Crush before it was born, people just like it more. I don’t know why but some people say that Candy Crush is different to other games, as it is fun and uses the brain. And as a Candy Crush player I think, especially in the harder levels, it is true. Whenever I tell people what level I’m on, the first comment they say it ‘wow, your such an addict.’ But I personally don’t think I am. This is very similar to the question in tutorial when Mark asked us ‘who here thinks they are a gamer?’ I did not put my hand up but when he asked us whether ‘a person who plays candy crush for a long time count as a gamer?” and then I realised maybe I am a ‘gamer’ or more like an addict. I think this is because I do waste my life and wait for a new life sometimes. Many people that are know who use to play Candy Crush do not play anymore because they cannot pass a level. I did stop playing as well, then one day I was bored and suddenly I passed it. Which was when I continued playing. Now I am on level 488.  And out of my Facebook friends, there are a few who surpasses me. Personally I think I just continue playing because all the levels are not repetitive like the ones in Raft Wars.



One thought on “G . A . M . E . S

  1. I used to play Rebubbled, but when I played it, it was on miniclip.com and called Bubble Trouble. For me it was one of those games that creates uncontrollable laughter in multiplayer mode, and that makes it a good game.

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