games want to be “real”

I couldn’t say that I have been watching the revolution of videogames, but with my experience I could strongly argue that videogames are becoming more and more realistic. Since we could not only find by the quality of images, the clarity of sounds, but also the story itself. The first worldwide known videogame that I remember is Mario, which was designed with only one outcome and based in a “fairy tale” world. The game is directive and straightforward, and we could find that games were published during that time are all like this.

Since the time passed, videogames changed its platforms quite often, people could play games at anywhere and anytime. They are so attractive, because they are no longer a simple story that you can predict. For example, you could live a new life in ‘Sim’ by create yourself, your house, your family, etc. everything is like the real world, but that real is actually created by you. Another example is ‘NBA 2K’, which is a basketball game that is exactly like the NBA game event. Players inside the game are named and personalized like the real person; the controller could direct them in the way he/she wanted. As we can see, game makers made games closer to our lives.

The variety of videogames are huge in nowadays, people has more expectation on their quality and content. Provide the feeling of real and excitement is probably one of the most important aspects that producers need to consider. Gamers like to experience a different life and personalities, which they could not act in the real society. It brings the a huge satisfaction to the gamer and that is maybe why those videogames are so popular.


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