I’ve been a ‘gamer’ all along?

For 22 years I have never identified myself as a gamer. However, Friday’s tutorial made me think twice. The one question that really struck me was ‘What defines a gamer?’ At first I thought this question was easy. Gamers are people who spend most of their time in front of a computer or television screen, all day, every day. Perhaps nerd-like and very Big Bang Theory-like. But of course this is just a stereotype. Taking this paper made me realise that video games do not only refer to GTA5, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed 4 or Super Mario World, but games such as Candy Crush Saga or Farmville are also under the gaming category.

Reading through a few class posts, the game Candy Crush was mentioned by many. Likewise, it seemed to surprise many that their regular involvement in Candy Crush playing might just make them eligible for being identified as ‘gamer’. Just writing this blog, I procrastinated with Candy Crush. I told myself that I would finish my post after I get through a particular level. Forty minutes later and I was still trying to get through Level 38. Although I’m not on a very high level, does my regular need to play the game when I’m bored mean I am a ‘gamer’? Does my consistency of trying to get pass a level mean that I am addicted?

Many people like to disassociate themselves from the title of being a ‘gamer’ as it has been negatively imposed. The YouTube video below discusses the definition of a ‘gamer’. Although it may not be academically approved, I still think it makes a few valid points.


They start by saying that a gamer is “anyone who associates gaming as an important part of their lives”. But sometimes the word ‘gamer’ is used negatively towards them so they try to distance away from that title. For many people, being called a ‘gamer’ is an insult (says Phil from ‘Casual Fridays’). This is such a clear example why many people who are possibly gamers do not put their hands up in class when the lecturer asks who is a gamer. They do not want to live up to the stereotype. Of course this is just one opinion.

As the discussion continues, it can be seen that there are many spectrums to being a gamer. Does one have to be very knowledgeable and high skilled in video games in order to be ‘allowed’ to be called a gamer? Within the gaming community not knowing “specific details” about a certain gaming franchise can mean that they’re a not ‘real gamer’. Again, the lack of familiarity about this medium can consent to people thinking they’re not a gamer. But just because you only play one game- say Candy Crush- all the time, it does not mean you are not a gamer.

It seems like anyone can be quite fitting for the ‘gamer’ title. The regular participation of gaming can mean you’re a gamer. I guess it all depends whether one likes to admit they’re a gamer or not. I can certainly say I am one now. I finally cracked Level 38. Got 3 stars too. 


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