Immersion – Point of View Matters!

The idea of immersion got me thinking…

I have been around males during this ‘process’ and have been fascinated by how absorbed they can be in a game, particularly ‘mission style’ games such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. How can they become to unresponsive to the outside world with a preoccupation of something that isn’t even real ?

Until I played Dead or Alive 3

It is noteworthy to point out that I am a female.

I could beat anyone at it! It was fantastic.

I even purchased the Xbox Game for myself online.

After this stint, I figured I’d better give the Big Boy’s games another shot. After all, I’d considered myself a gamer now. I was very wrong. To my dismay, the best chunk of my existence in Black Ops was repeatedly pointing my gun in a clockwise fashion simply trying to see in front of my character, let alone defend myself. I was not immersed. I was bored and frustrated.

This got me thinking.

Perhaps the preferred Point of View the player prefers directly influences whether they will become immersed in the said game or not

Below are a couple of images of Dead or Alive 3. What’s apparent is the Third Person Isometric Perspective.

Compared to the likes of Black Ops .

As you can see, this is a First Person perspective.

The immediacy of the visible gun and hands may be an attraction point for some people, but not for me. These games belong in my ‘Too Hard’ basket. The fact that my character is not visible makes the visual field too cumbersome and busy. I can’t see behind me! Ahh! That’s just silly! (Admittedly, this is the way I was almost always killed)

Is it because I’m just a big ‘noob‘? Excuse the jargon.

I never had any issues with needing to practice Third Person Perspective games. I practised playing Call of Duty. Even when I had got ahold of the controls of the game, I still didn’t enjoy it. I gave up and refused to play.

Recently, while in a children’s game arcade, I stumbled across a sit-down Tekken-2 game, which is almost identical to Dead or Alive. I sat down and and began to play, becoming deeper immersed by the second.

I looked like this

What’s your opinion on Point of View affecting the immersion of a player?


One thought on “Immersion – Point of View Matters!

  1. I don’t think there’s an intrinsic relationship between points of view and immersion, it just depends on what you’re used to and whether it fits the game. After playing a new type of game for long, you tend to forget that the old way was the one “natural” way.

    Unless it’s something crazy like Svetovid –

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