Real Life vs. Video Game


When I went to an arcade in Taiwan, there was a motorbike machine that moves side to side. As I played the game, all I knew was that I was not going to fall off, because on the motorbike there is definitely a limit to how far you can go on each side. Whereas when I was on a real motorbike, the feeling is so different. I think this is because, video games want us to feel comfortable and of course it has to be danger free, because it is for children. As well as that the feeling of riding a fake one and a real one is so different. For example, when we are riding a fake one, there is no wind blowing in our face and we are not wearing a helmet or that they only let you go to that amount of speed and even though when we are actually on the arcade motorcycle everything is so smooth unlike a real life one. This makes me think of Kanye’s music video with Kim Kardahsian, Bound 2.

Another example is Mahjong. Mahjong in real life and Mahjong on ipad/computer/ipod/…online is very different. For people who don’t know how to play Mahjong, real life Mahjong is way more complicated and harder to win than a video game version. Because in the video game version, when there is a choice to increase your chances of winning or you can choose to swap the tiles, the game will automatically tell you. Whereas in real life, you have to be continuously in the game and use your brain. But at the same time, the video game Mahjong sometimes feels much better to play, as most people like to win, but if you do lose, then you know that it is fake money. Compared to real life, where my family uses real money because they feel if they use fake money the feeling of winning is not the same.

So many things in real life and video games are so different. Some things in video games are much more interesting and fun whereas some things are unrealistic. But overall, video games have so much impact on us because we have so much more imagination when we play them and we feel superior in the video game world than in real life as we win and experience more.

These ideas were thought to me when I was scrolling through Facebook and came across this website; .








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