Video games threaten the future of sports?

Do you think video games threaten the future of sports?

I think it does. I’ve noticed at work (food industry) that kids aren’t as active anymore. Instead of running around and playing with each other as such, they just sit there and they just don’t talk to each other. In front of their face is a huge touchscreen device, where they play nonstop. No interaction whatsoever. So thank God for P.E. classes in school, as children are still required to do sports at least one hour per day.

Anyway, what I’ll be sharing this week is an opinion article that I have found here. The author, Mark Reason thinks that video games threaten the future of sports. His background story is that his sons play sports through video games.

Here are some snippets of the article:



I think it’s interesting in the first screenshot on how he says, “aren’t playing real sport” and “there’s nothing real about it.” I just want to relate that to our second week lecture about immersion and how people who plays video games are immersed, as defined by Laurie N. Taylor as an event where the player becomes engrossed by it. They feel lost in it and in the lecture it was also related to how readers feel engaged with what they are reading that they somehow feel that they are in another world, but for them it somehow becomes and feels like it is a real world. Although for people around them, it isn’t. Just like the writer of the article on how he says that his kid is “nearly at home, but also elsewhere.” The kid is obviously immersed in the video game. He feels as if he really is playing with Nadal or Federer in the comfort of his own home and that there’s no need to sweat and go outside, because there’s more satisfaction in playing the video game. Video games make you feel that you have agency and you have control of what can happen as such, but even if in reality you don’t. I think what gives gamers agency is the controller. They feel as if they have control and they get to do what they want and how they want their gaming experience to become, even if it has already been pre-determined by the creators of the games. Video games just give a satisfying feeling for actions that you have chosen to do. So that’s why going back to the issue I have raised, I really do think that video games threaten the future of sports. I’ve heard stories online how people tried playing golf, bowling or baseball in Wii and they feel like they’re so good at it since they get really good scores, but then they tried playing it in “real” life, they can’t hit a thing. All I can say is, “duh.” (Haha.) Anyway, I just think that because video games make gamers feel highly immersed that it becomes satisfying that at times, there’s no more a need to go out and play real sports. 

Just to end this, I really do believe that video games threaten the future of sports and one more thing here’s a funny video from Big Bang Theory which is quite related to how playing sports in video games make some people feel they can really do it in real life, but I think this video is quite related to my point in a different perspective since Sheldon thinks that he learned how to swim through YouTube. 🙂


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