Rage Inducing Games


It seems strange that rage is an almost unavoidable part of gaming. Maybe frustration is a better word to describe it, but in essence I think everyone has got to the point in a game where they’ve gone, “Screw this!” And turned off their console or computer immediately. It’s something about a game (and there a lot of them) that seem to bring out the worst in people’s emotions. It’s not too dissimilar to when people get behind the wheel of a car, and suddenly go from placid and polite, to this person that gets annoyed at the slightest inconvenience while on the road.

I think the most pertinent example of a ‘rage inducing’ game from my own personal experience has to be any one of the versions from the FIFA series. There are days where I swear that the game just hates you and everything seems to go against. You can’t make a tackle, you can’t make a pass, you can’t even score! On these days it almost feels like the game’s scripted, when it’s 0-0 right up until the 90th minute, then suddenly, the mediocre team you’re playing begins to play like Barcelona. Weaving and dodging, playing beautiful one-touch football all the way down the pitch culminating in the ball being placed in the back of the net. Game over, literally. This is normally the point in which my console is turned off due to the realisation it’s just not my day.

It seems more often than not however, that online play contributes to the most rage, as shown below…

Call of Duty online is a global phenomenon. I can’t remember the last time I actually played a FPS like CoD for the campaign mode. The best fun is to be had online. To be fair to all the gamers out there it’s normally the guys that seem to take these games way too seriously that get OTT angry over dying consistently. I guess the alternative is to get better at the game??? The funniest part is that due to the majority being on headsets we hear their reactions, and seriously, some of them are just damn funny.

On the flipside, it seems that, for the want of a better word, ‘trolls’ play games online with the purpose to induce these sort of OTT reactions and rage because it’s funny. Like everything, there’s a time and place for it, and for the better part, it is a good show when someone loses their shit over dying just one too many times for their liking. I’m the first to admit when playing FIFA online I take some sort of strange satisfaction when someone rage quits due to them being down 4-0 before halftime. Any regular FIFA player has done it at least once in their lives, once might be a bit of an understatement.

It’s intriguing that only gaming seems to bring out these sort of motions at people. I find it a hard time believing that a person could feel these emotions as a result of a book or movie, and I think that’s what takes gaming beyond the realms of the other mediums. Games aren’t just something you play anymore, but something you feel.

The question has to be asked though: what game do you share a love/hate relationship with?


2 thoughts on “Rage Inducing Games

  1. Tekken 3 makes my sister swear like nothing else xD
    I think these feelings are all tied into the obstacles to personal achievement. Have you ever felt this sort of rage during a game purely by the story? That’s something else to consider when comparing to things like books and movies.

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