Kim Possible would Raid a Tomb way more appropriately dressed

So trawling through the back catalogue of my memory to find a suitable candidate for a positive representation of women in games, why not KP?

For those of you not in the know, Kim Possible was a real cool Disney show about this teenage girl who was a “hero for hire” dealing with villainous masterminds as well as her own personal teen issues (so many teen issues!!!)

From there Disney franchised her into flash games on the Disney channel website, Kim Possible: Revenge of Monkey Fist on GBA in 02 then the sequel in 04 and the third one in 05.

Kim Possible: Kimmunicatior was released on the DS in 2005 followed up by KP: Global Gemini in 2007 with Kim Possible: What’s the Switch 2006 on PS2 slipping in there too.

So to say she isn’t well represented on multiple platforms… is wrong.

Now those are just flat facts, I haven’t played any of the games, but I did watch part one of thirteen of the play through of What’s the Switch. Suffice to say, it basically maintains the integrity of the show. Kim is a super athlete, she dresses appropriately to her situations, she rescues her bumbling sidekick/best friend (who is male!?!) Ron, and receives but does not rely on help from secondary male character Wade. On top of that, she’s a relatable role model for kids (aside from the hero for hire thing) she just lives a normal life, isn’t super busty or overly beautiful, her life is desirable and achievable.

Then on the flip side, you have Kim’s arch rival, something for the older audience… the badass Shego. She has undefined super powers, used to be good, now she’s evil, she’s wanted in eleven countries, she’s sarcastic, she’s condescending, she is highly skilled in martial arts she has a degree in child development (not even kidding), and she’s smarter than her (male) boss, Dr. Drakken.

Two very clearly developed characters that I was very brief to touch on just to justify their significance as – in my opinion – strong female characters from a television series that transcended one medium and were still properly represented in video game form. This may be because Disney doesn’t need extra funding to put together their games, so they just do whatever they want? But regardless, forget Tomb Raider, Kim Possible and Shego are two classy ladies who identify with a younger demographic and do not perpetuate any of this scantily clad, illogically dressed for combat, tits or GTFO, reliant on male characters stereotypical nonsense that the more mainstream games will dump on you.


Wadup Disney!


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