Does the game give you second life in the real world?

The two articles ‘gaming made me’ depict how the author got positive influence from the game. They become stronger and mature, which looks like they are given the second life in the real world through the guide from the game. Besides the idea articles mentioned, some gaming designers think that the game can serve as a tool to make a contribution to a wide range of areas, like education, economy and political issues. However, does the game really show ability to guide people’s thought or behavior? Does the game give you second life in the real world?

Some people argue that the most obvious strength of game is that players might gain some social or basic living skills form the game. For example, from the long run, Monopoly players unconsciously recognize the basic knowledge of economy, such as rental, ownership, profit and tax and others. Recently, the popularity of word games, like Icomania, allows players focusing on spelling and vocabulary, because right spelling is the basic rule to pass the game.


The game also can evoke a lot of opinion about social issue. Because the game world can be seen as another real world including interpersonal relationship, humor and political view and so on, some game designers use it to satirize others. For example, a Facebook game Cow Clicker (Ian Bogost) is designed to satirize the previous game which is boring and lack of interaction.

However, players enjoy game may not because we can learn something from it, but we can pass it to reach a higher level. In my opinion, the purpose of the game is release the pressure instead of education, because who want to spend a lot of time and energy to play a game after tired work or study? Based on Lim’s report, there are great percentages of young people addicted to video game. Worst, it can create social disorder such as murder or violence. In addition, for game designers, the basic rule is easy to play, putting players immersed into the game world. Therefore, there are thousands of examples of people, especially young people, addicted to the game.

In terms of adult, if you can be evoked by the game, other form media also can evoke you. That is not the function of the game, but the problem of personality. The adult is known for relatively mature mind because they have vast knowledge, life experience and faith and so on. Thus, although the game does have the ability to guide the way of player’s thinking and living, it is just a rare example. The educational function of the game is still problematic.


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