Relationship between Videogame and Ethnicity

Racial discrimination has been the hottest topic in Western society on the topic of race has never been broken, not only in reality, but also happened in videogame. Sometimes in character setting this section programmers might releate to the human being progressive history, ethnic characteristics and other thinngs to build up the character. like in street fighter, as a game which associated with numerous players had a wonderful childhood (including me), however, as the fighters came from various parts of the world, like the jungle orcs from Brazil Blanca (Blanka), Fighting yoga guru from India Dahl tin (Dhasim)  and Jamaican black Dinger (DeeJay), there is implying that a rich set vilify image in fighters setting. not only from their appearance, (look releatively different from normal fighters like ken, ryu), but also the skills, Blanka who is a monster can release eletricty, Dhasim who can extend his hand and leg. This will inevitably be misleading that people treat different race with “surprise” attitude though just a game. There will be prejudiced opinion on those teenagers who do not know the reason behind the game.

Another game may exist some racist problem like the most famous series names GTA, in the early period, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City already disseminated information irrationally, in  this game, players would receive some missions like ” kill Indians” command, as well as the expulsion of Cubans and Haitians. There is no doubt that showing strong ethnic problem. and this is why that Indian-Americans gathered to protest the collective game makers’ door. Like in the lectre, we saw the Resident Evil 5 trailer, no matter from a game extend to reality, or from substantial world to a videogame,  black people were killed looks like a big tragedy that like a certain event. Sometimes the reason why people like playing videogames can release the stress  unfair from real life, and by the game programmers can build up some contexts that totally differ for life. I think that there is no meaningful that repeating some problematic issues happened on videogame. And nowadays videogames can be a great teaching way that let the people know that the  significant of  human equality. QQ图片20140126223614


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