Turn the Chat Setting off People!

This week’s discussion about gender and sexuality in videogames involved a lot of examples of too much immersion and too little common sense. In particular, in reviewing the comments and posts that followed  most of our assigned readings this week, I have realized that too much agency in a game confuses the player’s sense of reality and moral codes and makes criticisms of specific videogames hard to take because they are more immersed in that world than the real world. In order to prove my previous statement, I am going to blame the constructed role of the alpha male in videogames for the brutality that has spilled into chat rooms, social media, and all over the internet.

With the creation of over masculine characters in videogames who can’t be destroyed, have no emotions or morals, and only interact with female characters in strip clubs; they tend to be completely immersed in this role, that they take on these characteristics. Here is where the stereotype of the overweight guy in a dark room who does nothing but play aggressive games and ruin the internet for everyone with crazy rants originated. The agency in videogames mixed with the agency in the internet is a bad combination for everyone. The superiority that individuals have as main characters in alternate realities, which make their own rules, mistakes the web for the same environment. The difference between the web and videogames, that obviously has been blurred by Wi-Fi , is that words and actions done on the web hurt the people on the other end.


After we were shown the comments women have posted on the website:  http://fatuglyorslutty.com/, I went back on the website to read more and I was so disgusted with the ignorant, sexist, disrespectful comments that people have to nerve to write on the internet. I find it funny that the immersion that leaked onto the web from videogames makes people into cowards in person. The anti-social stereotype of gamers was also created from these acts.


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