Counting Bodies Like Sheep

I like killing things in Video Games. I really do. Whether it’s shooting a grunt in Halo, annihilating someone in Assassin’s Creed, or killing hookers to get your money back in GTA, I like killing things. I’m not discriminate. If you exist in a game where I can kill in a stylistic manner, I’ll try my damndest. Of, course, there are exceptions to this rule.


Back in my day there was honour among shooters

This brought me to an interesting thought. How many people have I actually killed in my gaming career. I don’t think it would be very high. Then again, you can have games like Dead Rising 3 which actually counts the number of kills as you play the game. There are games which track your kills online, provide graphs and charts to see where and when you kill people online.  I just took one game, a game that I used to play religiously every day for a year or two. I realize I must have been playing the game like this.


This does not bode well in 3..2..1..

In Halo 3 Multiplayer, I managed to make around 8500 kills. While i’m pretty chuffed about those stats, and many other things I did in that game, they absolutely pale in comparison to other players. Then again, how many people have I killed in GTA? Well actually, a lot more I suspect. GTA in particular has been getting a lot of flak from conservative groups who simply don’t understand the difference between fantasy violence in games and actual violence. GTA also happens to have a unique game engine where people are simply asking to be killed. The amount of times pedestrians just happen to walk on the footpath I’m driving on is astounding. 


The nerve of some people…

I want to know why people try to make the distinction of “Killing space aliens is fine, but shooting a human in the head is a no-no.” In the lectures and tutorials I really like learning about the difference between the play space, and meatspace. Distinguishing Video Games with a penchant for violence as simply games and incorporating this into how media affects people re-affirms my own belief that people simply can’t be that stupid. The ones who argue against this don’t really understand how media affects people. You know who I’m talking about, the groups who want to take a stance against games because they believe a passive audience takes on a single message. Like this.

 Here’s what I’m getting at. Have a think about how many people you’ve killed mindlessly in Video Games. Do you feel bad? Do you feel blame for killing that hipster sipping coffee in GTA? Do you feel the grunt’s plight in Halo? You shouldn’t. Anyone who says otherwise is a git. Notice the distinction between mindless violence, and meaningful violence. I’m talking violence on a ‘shoot first, teabag later’ stance. Any sort of meaningful violence can emotionally break a player, for obvious reasons. Remove the meaningful aspect, add in some fun game mechanics, a good ragdoll and shoot it up.

Have your moral outcry, I’ll be counting bodies like sheep.

You want sauce?


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