I Could Rant About Violence All Day

I’m sure that so many of us have been so angry with things going on in our lives that they’ve seriously considered killing someone. No? Just me? Well this is awkward…

I’ve always felt that video games were my way of letting off steam. I’ve always used the act of smashing my keyboard and mouse and spamming every single button on each of them to calm myself down and stop myself from getting violent. So when we started discussing violence in video games and how it may or may not lead to the action of violence in real life, I have to side with the idea that it doesn’t lead to real life violence. But that’s just me personally. I’ve never really found video games to be all that violent anyway. To me, a Quentin Tarantino film is about 10 times more violent than the average “violent” video game. And let’s face it, Tarantino is a genius.

(Now here comes the part where I rant about my own opinions. Please don’t hate me!)

But the only way someone is going to follow the violence they see in films is if they’ve got their own psychological problems. Chances are, they would have become violent anyway. Their violent outburst may have just instead been triggered by something completely different. So why put the blame on video games?

I think society is so ready to blame the violence we see in video games because we are always just looking for a reason behind a violent outburst. We like to believe that people can’t possibly have other more personal reasons and psychological issues. Like we discussed in the lecture and tutorials, people are far too keen on pinning the blame on media, video games especially. But people don’t consider the things that they’re doing wrong as a society which could in turn lead to the mistreatment of various people. Some people just haven’t had a great family life, or have been rejected by society causing them to become more reclusive.

And… I think I’ll stop there before I go into some real deep psychological shit causing you all to hate me.

Basically, in 30 words or less, I don’t think violence within video games makes a player violent. Some people just have their own personal issues they need to work out.

Have a cookie? :3

Cookies1Or a kitten!


Please don’t hate me.


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