Hero’s Adventure

After the lecture on Friday, I went home and played Hero’s Adventure myself. I’m not a gamer but I just thought this game was very interesting and weird and short… In the very first battle with an animal, I just did whatever it tells me to do. I chose what kind of attack I would use and fought. It was so sudden and weird that I just did it. But then I was thinking…’I don’t want to kill a cat? Why am I doing this?’ At the end of the game, the parents are worried about me (my game character) because I’m not safe out there. I was like, ‘I’m the one who is dangerous and a bit of freaky one here killing animals and burying them in a secret place…’

In order to play this game, you have to make a decision to kill those innocent animals. It gives you some rewards (points).  Like I’ve experienced, when you first have to have a battle to continue the game, you forget it is a violent act or what it means to kill something. It’s just participating in a game.  But like Line Hollis says those decisions you make in games could “affect who you are and what you’re capable of” because it still is your own decisions. I’m not saying nor supporting that what you do in games is who you are in real life but playing this game made me think about what kind of decisions you have to make in games and how serious they could be in real life but you just choose to do whatever that can make you stay in the game. 


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