Video Game Violence: The developers eyes.

Violence in video games has been a hot topic for a long time with arguments ranging from in-game violence influencing real violence to in-game violence being associated with real life structures, religions and groups based on in-game reflections of them. Some may believe these games to be bad and very few instances might be the case. I don’t see much fuss with in-game violence, however here’s an interesting outlook on the topic.

One of the obvious reasons for violent games from developers POV would be the amount of money it generates. Much like Hollywood, violent films appeal to an audience and generate money. Same logic applies to video games, many games which include a significant amount of violence; whether it is an FPS, fighting game, horror, etc., aim to appeal to people with tastes for games like this. For developers it is likely the case that the player is only shooting or attacking imaginary people or creatures, something that may be misinterpreted by some as a game trying to glorify violence, which is likely not the case. What about the developers’ imagination and thoughts when creating a game though?

Developers must have good imaginations if they are able to come up with these ideas, storylines, landscapes and characters but one thing stands out to me; the countless ways to injure and kill people in games as well as how gruesome and torturing some of it appears. Not to mention the wide variety of things you can do with a weapon in a game from melee attacks and shooting to having secondary functions that do much more damage than a bullet. Even though some violent games have the aesthetically pleasing and detailed graphics most of us love, it seems that sometimes, maybe this makes up for a games storyline or the lack of good reasoning for killing so many characters. In many games, you kill many enemies but the protagonist usually only has personal issues with a handful of antagonists within a game. So basically you end up killing hundreds of ‘bad’ guys who sometimes aren’t essentially bad in the game just to reach the goal of killing one to a handful of key characters. It would seem that maybe more focus is on violence more than anything which may raise a few questions; could developers be troubled or violent people? Or at least have violent thoughts?

It may be a stupid question to some but it is still possible. Besides, we as the players are viewing their imagination on a screen and we can do as much as they allow us to do in this imagined virtual world. However it is likely that developers don’t intend to offend or do bad through violent video games.


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