Are video games persuasive?

In my last post I talked about violence and video games and how I found it difficult to decipher whether they did or didn’t increase violent behavior (I felt you could argue both possibilities dependent on the persons family/moral or social situation.

You often hear of video games and their persuasiveness, not necessarily just in terms of violence but also economically. Do we get a choice in what we are persuaded by in video games? I don’t think so, if the game wants you to be persuaded then you will be. If you don’t morally believe in killing someone and find it difficult to do so in a video game but it’s the only way to accomplish a mission and to finish the game, you are more likely to be persuaded to do it.

Economically the games persuade you to invest in their franchise, you buy Grand Theft Auto and because of their popularity or enjoyment, you are persuaded to spend more money to buy their other games or even invest in other memorabilia that has to do with GTA.

It is easy to be persuaded into the economic lives of the games, a lot of games represent reality well, having cars, food stores, and clothes that is popular in our own lives. Can we be persuaded into buying similar materials? Sub consciously I think we can, we may not intend on buying the same car you used in the game, but it could provide happy memories, or thrills that you are then willing to invest in that same car to have those feelings made real. Even if you don’t act the same way with the car in reality it still has the influence on you, and the enjoyment you had in the game is being transferred into your real life.

I think that we are often subconsciously persuaded by video games, more in terms of the economic imperative but also to potentially go against the morals you have in real life, and do things you may not be 100% happy about doing, you just do it to complete the game.

If the video game wants you to be persuaded, you most likely will be.


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