DON’T DOWNLOAD THESE: addicting iphone games

If you own a smart phone, or apple iPod or iPhone of any sort, you will more than likely have played some of the many digital games available in the app store. Perhaps you have even felt a little addicted to one or two?
For today’s blog, I’ll write out my own personal top ten list of addicting games I’ve played on my iPhone over the last year I’ve had it, and just why I think they’ve had me hooked.
(If you want to pass your assignments this year, I recommend staying away from these games :P)

10. Robot Unicorn Attack
This classic side scrolling game consists of a pretty unicorn character which jumps and speed dashes over and through purples canyons and cliffs. The aim of the game is simple; try not to hit the obstacles and collect as many bonus point stars as possible. One of the most addicting things about RUA surprisingly, is the theme song that plays constantly on repeat in the background of the game. This, accompanied by feeling like you could just go a little further and beat your own or your friend’s scores if you tried a little harder keeps you wanting more.

9. Fruit Ninja
This iPhone classic is a number one seller on the app store, and for good reason too. Not only is the game seriously entertaining and interactive, it incorporates the in game challenge of collecting star points to purchase bonuses to give you a leg up in your future plays. Not only are you playing to collect points, you’re playing to collect points to play the same game yet again! What better way to keep a player hooked than make them play a game with the goal of playing a better round ahead of them? Fortunately, the game play in Fruit Ninja gets a bit tedious after a while, so the addiction is short and sweet.

8. Subway Surfer
Subway surfer is a great game to play on the bus while you’re bored… until you get a high score, realize your potential and then suddenly you’re hooked! Subway surfer is based on a character who has vandalized a train and is being chased by the station controller along the rail line. The player has to dodge both stationary and oncoming trains. Perhaps what is most addicting about this game is how easy it is to get a decent score. Once you get good at it, you can be playing for half an hour straight and racking up points before hitting a train. It’s a time consuming gem with a coin reward system in place that’s sure to have you hooked.

7. Flappy Bird
This is a recent one, but a goodie. The game is simple: tap the screen to make flappy bird fly and don’t hit anything on the way. However, this is possibly the hardest, most frustrating side-scrolling game ever invented. Some would argue that flappy bird should be closer to number one on levels of addiction, but really it’s merits come in the form of how angry it can make you. The extreme difficulty of passing as few as four or five obstacles could put a player off for good and throw a phone against a wall. Simple, yet effective.

6. Tiny Wings
Another bird related game. In Tiny Wings, the player taps and releases the screen to allow his or her bird to surf hills and make it as far across the side scrolling scenery as possible before night time falls. Perhaps what is most addicting about this one is how satisfying it is to hit a hill at the right angle and get a good flight up into the clouds. Not such a hard game to master, but like any side-scrolling game, encourages multiple attempts at a high score in one sitting.

5. Swordigo
Swordigo is probably one of the best iphone games I have ever played. It’s a quest game which allows you to explore a world full of over 100 areas with different quest items and challenges in each. You are a warrior attempting to find the lost shards of a soul sword. The only reason this game is addicting, is because of how ridiculously well made it is, and how much it resembles an iphone version of an adventure playstation game. If you have a spare $5 or so on your itunes account, I’d recommend this game as a good quality time waster.

4. Giant Bolder of Death
This is a great game where you tilt your iphone to control a giant bolder rolling through a valley, and attempt to hit as many civilians as possible on the way. You have daily goals to complete in order to win more high scoring objects to hit, and collect coins throughout the game to upgrade you boulder. It sounds a little ridiculous, but there’s something about the immersion of tilting your screen to move an object that gets people hooked. On the downside, this one eats up your phone battery, and as it’s tilt sensitive, you can’t play it lying down. Sigh. Nevertheless, a good, addicting game.

3. Banana Kong
Play as a monkey running through a jungle, swimming through a sea or jumping over tree tops in a mission to collect as many bananas as possible. The controls in this game are a little challenging at first, but once you’ve invested the time in mastering them, suddenly exploring the four different worlds and racking up points becomes quite the time consuming task. I played this one a lot right before bed, and never stopped until I had finally got enough bananas to buy all of the upgrades… those damn upgrades.

2. Candy Crush
You already know what I’m talking about 😉

1. Hay Day
This is by far THE most addicting game I have ever played on my iPhone. Hay Day (similar to facebook’s Farmville sensation) allows the player to create a farm, harvest crops, sell the fruits of their productivity and fulfill shipment missions. The currency of the game is coins and diamonds which allow the player to get further and further ahead in the game, and consequently increasingly addicted. I’m not proud, but I’ve spent real money on this game just to get ahead, buy machinery and finish shipments on time. Hay Day sends push notifications every time your crops are ready, milk, eggs or wool can be harvested, or just to tell you that you haven’t logged in for a while. If you don’t log in often enough, you can’t harvest crops, and lose valuable productivity in the game.
It really gets you hooked.
Give this one a go… if you dare.


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