Gaming is my addiction

Gaming is my addiction

Games are my drug, and gaming my drinking
I tell myself I can quit, but that’s just wishful thinking,

FPS is my heroin and RPGs my cocaine,
If i could, I’d inject achievement points into my veins,

Just one more level, that’s what I keep saying,
But four hours later, here I am, still playing,

Day after day, turning jewels on Candy Crush,
When I finally beat that level, nothing beats the rush,

Never ending birds, both angry and flappy,
My high score goes up, but I’m still never happy,

Who needs real friends, I’ve got Zelda and Link,
If they knew me in person, I wonder what they’d think,

I’m starting to forget what is real and what’s fake,
But I keep my hands on my keyboard until my wrists ache,

My eyes are heavy, I should probably go to bed,
But if stop playing, everyone else gets ahead,

In this virtual world, my life is autonomous,
I need help; it’s a shame there’s no ‘gamers anonymous,’

So please don’t ignore this, it really is an addiction,
People tell me to just grow up, but its a genuine affliction,

Gaming is my addiction.



(P.S. I’m not actually addicted to gaming, I just wanted to do something creative for my last blog post!) 


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