Is my life a game?

In the last tutorial, we discussed the term of gamification which refers to apply game mechanics for non-game purposes, such as badges, leaderboards, levels, missions and scores. For example, reward system could be used to promote sale and education. Thus, I start to think is my life a game? However, personally think this definition or explanation is problematic to apply to the physical world, because combining the strategies from the game only means the game might inspire other fields instead of gamification.


Achievement or reward system is a most noticeable example of gamification. However, the game provides a great number of possible achievements for different players, which is the unique aesthetic of games and is unable to happen in the real world. Marczewski suggests that different players experience achievement in different ways and for different reasons. For example, Need of Speed provides the achievements of speed, cars and skills. Thus it can satisfy a great percentage of players’ different demands.


However, as to the economic purpose, there is the specific goal that is sale products, which only satisfies the people who need it. For example, points are the common strategy for encouraging customers to buy. But marketing investigations have long concluded that sales are closely related to the quality, feature, offer-sale, service and design of the product. Therefore, the term of gamification is problematic to apply in the economic field.


Moreover, the concept of utopia is another attractive element in the game world, which is hard to apply in the physical world. For example, in the game world, for a certain achievement such as upgrade or defeat the boss, the only thing that players should practice is click mouse and use keyboard to improve gaming skill. Furthermore, the goal in the game world is comparative easier to achieve, because less players would prefer to play the game that too hard to complete it. However, in the real world, the process of being successful or achievement require a lot of factors such as efforts, opportunities, personalities and so forth. Therefore, it is problematic to apply gamification in the real world.


In conclusion, because the game world is known for utopia with satisfying multiple demands, gamification is difficult to describe the phenomenon that use games’ element in other fields. Personally think games might function as a creative tool to inspire other fields. 





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