Addictive Games?


05WednesdayFeb 2014

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Hi I’m Bella

(Hi Bella)

And I’m a former Bejewelled Blitz addict.

Taking this paper had opened my eyes up to the possible reasons why I found myself addicted to this seemingly innocent game.

A quick google search confirmed not only that I’m not alone in my guilty pleasure, but that the ‘addictiveness’ (I’ll call it Immersion) seems to be relatively widespread.

I’ve circled the keywords in red for your ease of reading


Needless to say I am shocked.

Bejewelled Blitz is Immersive

But why? I know it is, I spent the last hour of my time in New Zealand in 2010 prior to a month in Europe cramming in as many Bejewelled Blitz sessions I could before I had to leave. They last only one minute. Sixty games. That was what I considered a short session. Sometimes I would play for three hours. 180 GAMES.

Perhaps the facts shouldn’t come as a surprise to me

Bejewelled Blitz is enchanting.

The creator Jason Kapalka spills thye facts in this link

“Since its debut, Bejeweled addicts have frittered away around $300 million—and more than 6 billion hours—on the game and its sequel, the provocatively titled Bejeweled 2. And PopCap, the company behind the blockbusters, has become a big player—it now has more than 200 employees in offices around the world.”

(Last shocked face I promise!)

Kapalka emphasises that Bejewelled’s success it heavily influenced by the game’s SIMPLICITY

Simplicity, “the quality of being easy to understand or use. : the state or quality of being plain or not fancy or complicated. : something that is simple or ordinary but enjoyable.”

The relationship between simplicity and Immersion is something that cannot be overlooked. Simplicity is a huge factor. I believe this is because simplicity allows for Structural Coherence. If there is less content, with constant decision making, the coherence is unlikely to be broken. Broken coherence = loss of Immersion.

It’s just logic

I believe certain games have an Immersive quality due to simplicity.

Thank God I downloaded the Bejewelled Blitz app


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