Smartphone gaming ourselves fat


30ThursdayJan 2014

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Smartphone gaming is huge.

According to a recent study done by Neilsen Research it appears that gaming accounts for the biggest chunk of downloading

64% of apps downloaded are games, conpared to a mere 25%, for example which a Sport apps and only 13% which are Health apps

This may indicate where our priorities lie.

Higher than social networking?!

There is a Facebook page named “Bejeweled Blitz Addiction Support Group” – no surprises there,

(Well, actually there’s 3,467 now.. I need help)
Smartphone gaming is a double edged sword. On one hand, it’s great for entertaining ourselves and taking up time where we may usually deem ourselves as bored.
But what’s the impact?
CNN notes that smartphone or tablet gaming will give you “text neck” – a condition where your neck becomes strained from leering over at your game over the teeny, tiny screen. Read more about it here
Personally, I couldn’t really give a toss about “text neck” – I already have text tummy (lack of tone due to excessive sitting around on my phone.)
A funny fact it that someone has actually created an app to avoid text neck. It was deleloped at Fishman’s Text Neck Institute. It tells the user when to move their neck to avoid straining it.
Pardon me for being up front, but I also have a cure for text neck.
It’s called “Put The Phone Down And Go For A Walk You Fool”
I even took the liberty to create it.
Evidently, we are getting fatter from smartphone gaming.
‘Healthday’ (Link below) explains that Smartphone users are the new couch potatoes. Additionally, reasearch shown above indicates that we are gaming on our Smartphones above all else.
This conclusively indicates that smartphone gaming is making us fat or “contributing to our sedentry lifestyle”
Smartphones are also affecting our sleep. Less sleep is known to contribute to obesity.
With only 13% of apps downloaded for health and 64% for gaming, the statistics speak for themselves.
The obvious resolution is to stop using our Smartphones as much
One does not simply, Stop using their iPhone
Or at least attempt it.

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