Continue to last post about violence, plot and awareness, this post will discuss the two immersion and violence.

As the last post said, diegetic immersive player may not be able to realize any violence element at all because the player’s attention is not on nothing but the story, not violence. Being diegetically immersed is like when watching a Hollywood action movie, you simply expecting the happy ending at the end by enjoying watching and listening the massive explosion during the movie. It is not important what, or who was blown up but you have to see, even if foreseen already, that the hero is happy ever since. But if an audience has really notice about the violence, like while playing a game, a player realized that he has to kill to continue the story, the diegetic immersion maybe breaks due to the awareness of the element outside of finishing the story. By notice the violence as an event, the player may still experiencing immersion. But by realizing it is violence, which has turn the player’s attention the essence of a mission in a game, which is violence, instead of stick on the story, the immersion experience will stop. For example when playing Counter Strike, if one focus on winning the other team, he is immersing and won’t care about the “violenceness” of killing the avatar of other player. But when he had made a head shot to someone he particularly doesn’t like, he may have notice the insult that the extra violence has bring to his enemy, therefore he may laugh at the game control of the enemy in real life. In this case diegetic immersion has totally broken due to the realization of violence.


But when diegetic immersion is break due to the awareness of violence, intra-degetic may become stronger, because a player may have realized the violence within a game, but rather than starts considering about it as a violence game element in game design term, the player may just put himself within the game space even deeper and simply be violence, and enjoying it. In this case violence really helped experiencing the intra-diegetic immersion because of the interaction nature of a game has provide the game player a chance of being part of the violence, and being violence is part of the gameplay that belongs to the game space. So violence is actually help created a more immersive game environment. Same example as above, if the player is not aware physical existence of himself or his enemy, and forget to make fun of other player’s control skill, he may simply enjoy the feeling of giving a head shot to someone he doesn’t like, therefore expecting to head shot him another time next round, and violence has created the space that he can act into, to be further violence and satisfying. But on the other hand, violence may not helping with intra-diegetic immersion at all if the diegetic immersion has broken, because the two types of immersion cannot exclusively exist without experiencing the other. Especially since experience Diegetic immersion is the basic condition of experiencing intra-diegetic immersion.


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