The Robin Hood Complex: Hacktivism

Stealing from the bad and giving to the, well, not so bad seems to be the top agenda for Hacktivism group Anonymous. Infamous for their protests and DDoS attacks, the Anonymous identity is often adopted by various individuals around the world. However, when a hacktivist gets more jail time for revealing the truth than an alleged rapist, is the justice system going a step too far?

Ten years was the proposed sentence for hacktivist Deric Lostutter after he revealed information condemning the perpetrators of the Steubenville rape case. He posted posts from various online social media including Twitter and a video found of the attack in order to bring the crime to light. He also spoke out against the schooling and justice system that seemed to be attempting to cover it up.

While Lostutter did no physical crime, his punishment is likely to be even more severe than the perpetrators of the Steubenville case. Ma’Lik Richomond, one of the 16 year olds charged with the crime, had been released from imprisonment around the time Lostutter’s sentence was proposed. How is a crime of online vigilantism worse than that of a physical rape?

After multiple cases with whistleblowers and hacktivists, it appears to be time for the justice system to revaluate the gauging of sentence times according to the type of crime committed.


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