Smartphone gaming ourselves fat


30ThursdayJan 2014

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Smartphone gaming is huge.

According to a recent study done by Neilsen Research it appears that gaming accounts for the biggest chunk of downloading

64% of apps downloaded are games, conpared to a mere 25%, for example which a Sport apps and only 13% which are Health apps

This may indicate where our priorities lie.

Higher than social networking?!

There is a Facebook page named “Bejeweled Blitz Addiction Support Group” – no surprises there,

(Well, actually there’s 3,467 now.. I need help)
Smartphone gaming is a double edged sword. On one hand, it’s great for entertaining ourselves and taking up time where we may usually deem ourselves as bored.
But what’s the impact?
CNN notes that smartphone or tablet gaming will give you “text neck” – a condition where your neck becomes strained from leering over at your game over the teeny, tiny screen. Read more about it here
Personally, I couldn’t really give a toss about “text neck” – I already have text tummy (lack of tone due to excessive sitting around on my phone.)
A funny fact it that someone has actually created an app to avoid text neck. It was deleloped at Fishman’s Text Neck Institute. It tells the user when to move their neck to avoid straining it.
Pardon me for being up front, but I also have a cure for text neck.
It’s called “Put The Phone Down And Go For A Walk You Fool”
I even took the liberty to create it.
Evidently, we are getting fatter from smartphone gaming.
‘Healthday’ (Link below) explains that Smartphone users are the new couch potatoes. Additionally, reasearch shown above indicates that we are gaming on our Smartphones above all else.
This conclusively indicates that smartphone gaming is making us fat or “contributing to our sedentry lifestyle”
Smartphones are also affecting our sleep. Less sleep is known to contribute to obesity.
With only 13% of apps downloaded for health and 64% for gaming, the statistics speak for themselves.
The obvious resolution is to stop using our Smartphones as much
One does not simply, Stop using their iPhone
Or at least attempt it.

Addictive Games?


05WednesdayFeb 2014

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Hi I’m Bella

(Hi Bella)

And I’m a former Bejewelled Blitz addict.

Taking this paper had opened my eyes up to the possible reasons why I found myself addicted to this seemingly innocent game.

A quick google search confirmed not only that I’m not alone in my guilty pleasure, but that the ‘addictiveness’ (I’ll call it Immersion) seems to be relatively widespread.

I’ve circled the keywords in red for your ease of reading


Needless to say I am shocked.

Bejewelled Blitz is Immersive

But why? I know it is, I spent the last hour of my time in New Zealand in 2010 prior to a month in Europe cramming in as many Bejewelled Blitz sessions I could before I had to leave. They last only one minute. Sixty games. That was what I considered a short session. Sometimes I would play for three hours. 180 GAMES.

Perhaps the facts shouldn’t come as a surprise to me

Bejewelled Blitz is enchanting.

The creator Jason Kapalka spills thye facts in this link

“Since its debut, Bejeweled addicts have frittered away around $300 million—and more than 6 billion hours—on the game and its sequel, the provocatively titled Bejeweled 2. And PopCap, the company behind the blockbusters, has become a big player—it now has more than 200 employees in offices around the world.”

(Last shocked face I promise!)

Kapalka emphasises that Bejewelled’s success it heavily influenced by the game’s SIMPLICITY

Simplicity, “the quality of being easy to understand or use. : the state or quality of being plain or not fancy or complicated. : something that is simple or ordinary but enjoyable.”

The relationship between simplicity and Immersion is something that cannot be overlooked. Simplicity is a huge factor. I believe this is because simplicity allows for Structural Coherence. If there is less content, with constant decision making, the coherence is unlikely to be broken. Broken coherence = loss of Immersion.

It’s just logic

I believe certain games have an Immersive quality due to simplicity.

Thank God I downloaded the Bejewelled Blitz app

GTA V Controversy

13ThursdayFeb 2014

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Since I am not a GTA gamer, I did some reasearch into the controversies of GTA V because I have always been fascinated by the sheer ruthlessness of the game.

This article published to on the 19 Septemer 2013 ( outlines the reasons GTA V has such a bad reputation.

“Alleged misogyny, rampant use of racially offensive terms and heavily sexual scenes are just some of the game’s polarizing moments.”

“In the first several hours of gameplay, the N-word is heard several hundred times (usually, but not always, by black characters). Other harsh obscenities are part of the speech patterns of every character in the game, including drivers you cut off.”

I found the N-Word use most fascinating myself. I am not aware of whom exactly ‘created’ these bleack characters that use obscene language but I don’t believe the creator’s ethnicity matters. The fact that GTA V uses moving animations of black people calling each other/other people derogatory words is beyond me.

In regards to Gaming and Ethnicity, we have come to believe that “Represenations often show us white understandings of other cultures” and it is fair to say taht GTA V has been created under the pretence that it is acceptable for a black person to call another a Nigger

It is apparently also acceptable for an animation that looks like a black person to say this same word, hundreds of times.

If representations of other cultures are frequently negative or neutral, it may be useful to look at the ‘baddies’ in GTA Games.

Listed under the ‘Villains’ section on Wikaia ( here are some images.



200px-GTA V FranklinFranktenpennyshotgun


Victor VanceBallas

An alarming percentage of these ‘Baddies’ are of African American ethnicity.

The protagonist is white.

GTA V reinforces many negative perspectives of certain races. It could be developed from a holistic point of view with more acknowledgement for all races rather than simply placing black characters in as ‘baddies’ or ‘neutral’ in order to attain balance.














#1ReasonWhy a girl shouldn’t game.

In relation to the subject of Perceptions of Games and Gamers and Gender/Sexuality the #1ReasonWhy hashtag circulating Twitter provides an interesting insight that discrimination against women working in the gaming industry, let alone the other gender issues appears to be a prominent problem for many.

Here’s an example

Men are actually jumping on the bandwagon too.

Which highlights another issue

The perception that the majority of gamers are males under 18 years is not only inaccurate, it’s actually totally off. The average gamer is 30 years old, 68% of this demographic is over the age of 18 and 45% are women.

These are real statistics taken from ‘real life’

Some more internet meme research shows that not only are women expected to be in a small minority when it comes to gamers, they’re also put into another category.

The Attention Seeking Whore. (excuse my language)

Even girls are taking hits at other girls

I’m going to just take a wild guess here and say that there is also a perception that girls that publicly ‘game’ are in fact… IMPOSTERS?!

According to the huge number of pictures I discovered (I narrowed it down to the ones I posted on here) It appears that a female gamer is either unattractive and manly, or just a lying ‘Attention Seeking Whore’ trying to appeal to as many guys as possible by pretending to be into gaming when in reality she thinks the Xbox One was the first console invented.


Because it’s so hard to get men’s attention that we need to post photos of ourselves pretending to game.

This is really backwards. I feel as though this is some men’s excuse to ‘kick’ women out of the gaming world. You’re an idiot if you don’t know anything about gaming, and you’re an attention seeking whore if you do. Referring back to #1ReasonWhy hashtag it appears that sexism prevalent in ‘meatspace’ is rearing it’s ugly head in new, modern forms. Perhaps it’s not ‘Gaming’ specifically, it’s just a new form of sexism that has not yet been widely recognised.

And last but not least… Just to prove a point that what is believed to be ‘real’ on the internet does not play out in real life.

Here’s a pic of my best mate on Christmas morning with her new PS3 wearing a shark onesie and no breasts shown that was not posted to facebook! A rare artifact!

Displaying photo.jpg

Immersion – Point of View Matters!

The idea of immersion got me thinking…

I have been around males during this ‘process’ and have been fascinated by how absorbed they can be in a game, particularly ‘mission style’ games such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. How can they become to unresponsive to the outside world with a preoccupation of something that isn’t even real ?

Until I played Dead or Alive 3

It is noteworthy to point out that I am a female.

I could beat anyone at it! It was fantastic.

I even purchased the Xbox Game for myself online.

After this stint, I figured I’d better give the Big Boy’s games another shot. After all, I’d considered myself a gamer now. I was very wrong. To my dismay, the best chunk of my existence in Black Ops was repeatedly pointing my gun in a clockwise fashion simply trying to see in front of my character, let alone defend myself. I was not immersed. I was bored and frustrated.

This got me thinking.

Perhaps the preferred Point of View the player prefers directly influences whether they will become immersed in the said game or not

Below are a couple of images of Dead or Alive 3. What’s apparent is the Third Person Isometric Perspective.

Compared to the likes of Black Ops .

As you can see, this is a First Person perspective.

The immediacy of the visible gun and hands may be an attraction point for some people, but not for me. These games belong in my ‘Too Hard’ basket. The fact that my character is not visible makes the visual field too cumbersome and busy. I can’t see behind me! Ahh! That’s just silly! (Admittedly, this is the way I was almost always killed)

Is it because I’m just a big ‘noob‘? Excuse the jargon.

I never had any issues with needing to practice Third Person Perspective games. I practised playing Call of Duty. Even when I had got ahold of the controls of the game, I still didn’t enjoy it. I gave up and refused to play.

Recently, while in a children’s game arcade, I stumbled across a sit-down Tekken-2 game, which is almost identical to Dead or Alive. I sat down and and began to play, becoming deeper immersed by the second.

I looked like this

What’s your opinion on Point of View affecting the immersion of a player?